Top exciting coming up projects in Dubai

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Whether it be desert adventures or loose-jaw city wonders, Dubai never ceases to amaze the world. Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Creek, Palm Island, Dubai Mall, Palm Jumeirah are a few to name.  A fascinating thing is that the Arabs continues to create more of these to attract the millions of tourists to enjoy these magnificent creations. The world is eagerly waiting to watch the new upcoming majestic structures and let us take a peek at those.

1. Museum of the Future

Museum of the future

The word museum reminds us of the collections of historic ages, a place depicting the traditions and customs of our forefathers, showcasing their glory, and to get familiar with their lifestyle. But, Dubai has something extraordinary in jacket. The city is making a museum which shows us how our future generations will live. Even the theme goes like, ‘See the future, create the future’. Isn’t it exciting to know how development and technology will make the coming generation enjoy their life? Expo 2020 is expected to hold some workshops in these.

2. Aladdin City

Aladdin City

Remember Sinbad, the fictional sailor and the hero of Arabian nights? We are familiar with Aladdin lamps in comics and Disney cartoons but how about a huge real Aladdin Lamp? Yes, that is happening in Dubai’s Aladdin city. Instead of one, there are 2 building structures in the shape of Aladdin lamps which are interconnected by moving floor air-conditioned bridges. The project is expected to provide parking of at least 900 cars and the whole structure is proposed in an area of 450 meters length. The construction is near to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Creek making it quite a view of the tourists.  

3. Dubai Theme Park

Dubai Theme Park

Dubai Land, a $70 billion project of most modern theme park, is setting up by Dubai holding as an enormous entertainment structure in the area. This complex is expected to have all thrilling and exciting features to lure the tourist hearts. Three expected theme park in the structure are LEGOLAND, Bollywood Park and Motion Gate Dubai. A Six Flags theme park is due to open on the site in 2019.

4. Blue Water Island

Blue Water Island

Artificial islands are not new to Dubai and Blue Water Island is one such and is proposed near Dubai Marina. It will hold residential areas, entertainment sections, luxury hotels and the tallest giant wheel in the world. The project is estimated to be $6 billion and once completed; the area is expected to tempt millions to this magical area.

5. MBR city

Dubai Theme Park

Muhammad Bin Rashid City is an awe-inspiring area promising the most modern luxury to the residents of Dubai. The city covers over 1000 acre and offers crystal lagoons, which will turn out to be the largest artificial beach in the world. Bicycle and jogging tracks are provided along the area. This is a $10 billion project and a phase of construction is expected to finish by 2017.


Dubai is briskly climbing up the stairs to present the most wonderful destinations to the world. So tourists, get ready to explore the land soon.


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