Is green buildings the new trend in Dubai construction field?

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Green Buildings in Dubai

Dubai is the land of souks and skyscrapers. It is within the last three decades this dessert-turned-city developed into a financial hub of the world. Being home to thousands of international companies, modern infrastructure and sky-tall buildings are a common sight in the area. Due to the extremely hot climate prevailing, air conditioning is a necessity to survive in these buildings, which has accounted for the high rate of carbon emission. This, along with environmentally hazardous building practices, has paved way for critical negative impacts on the nature destroying the ecology by increasing the temperature considerably. Dubai government has become aware of the situation and are taking crucial steps to protect the area. Green buildings are the solution to reduce adverse effects on nature.

Green buildings are the new trend in Dubai construction field following the mandatory building requirements issued by the government. These represent sustainable forms of development making minimum impact on nature. Efficient use of water and energy, recycling facilities, and health and well-being of man are the major goals associated by promoting the eco-friendly infrastructure in the area. It reduces the use of heavy construction materials, replacing them with eco-friendly components and design. The green building regulations and specifications launched by Dubai municipal area give instructions to follow while construction buildings, which was meant to be implemented on the public front from 2012 and private ones from 2014.

Dubai municipality has generated a green building standard, which ensures the quality of buildings and checks implementation of prescribed practices. The rating system is called “Al Safat” and was launched in 2016. It includes using palm fronds roofing and many such innovative and environmental-friendly measures to keep the temperature under check. Locally-feasibly eco-friendly ideas are promoted to reduce harmful impacts on nature. Those buildings which fail to score at least a bronze rating would not be granted the permit.

The green building trends are now spreading all over at a very fast pace. People are realizing the negativity imposed on their land due to unsustainable practices. The construction field is using more ecologically feasible materials and construction ideas. Reducing harmful materials, which inhibits future generations from growth, are strictly followed in the area. The importance is so high that one of the pavilion themes for Expo 2020 is named as sustainability. Being one among the top 10 cities in the world, Dubai sets out to give a positive outlook on nature for their coming generations.


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